Making More Money Using Affirmations And The Law Of Attraction


Life is defined by what is happening in the mind. People often do not think about how much control the brain has. But the fact is that anything that you feel, whether pain, illness, or joy will be derived from the mind. Something similar can be said of external circumstances. There is a sense in which the way that you perceive the world will affect how the world perceives you. It could bring you to either make the most of your time on earth or struggle throughout all of your days. There are a few ways in which a few positive affirmations can help you to improve your health, wealth, and happiness.


An affirmation is a positive statement that you tell yourself about your life. It is not a vain chant or an incantation. It is a way to develop your self-image. When you convince yourself that you are a loser, that you are no good, that you cannot get that job, then those things are more likely to happen. However, when you tell yourself positive things, you will become convinced of them and pursue them more fervently and with a positive attitude. A few examples of positive affirmations are:

‌• I am full of joy no matter the circumstances

‌• I am a catch

‌• I am valuable

‌• I will treat my body like a temple

‌• I am stronger than my addiction


When you go into a job interview, the potential employer can only see what you give her. If you have your head down, afraid to make eye contact or speak directly and firmly, she is going to notice that. You are projecting the way that you see yourself for everybody else, and that will become the way that they see you. When you use positive affirmations, then you will begin to convince yourself that you are worth something; you are good enough to do the job. In this sense, using positive affirmations will boost your self-confidence. In doing so, it will make you more competent in different circumstances that may arise. You can also seek good coaching.


After a long day on the job, you are really looking forward to that lunch break. But three minutes before it begins, an old acquaintance gives you a call and asks you to borrow some money. You are already pretty tapped, and she is insisting that you drive across town now (she knows it is your lunch break) and lets her borrow it. A person with low self-esteem will feel as though they owe something to the world and they need to let others control their lives.

But by using positive affirmations, you will know that you are worth more than that. You do not have to let other people dictate how you are supposed to live your life. You do not have to make major sacrifices or live to please them. Self-affirmations can help you to accomplish this. By developing healthy boundaries in your relationships, you will become a much happier person.


Physicians often want their patients to have a positive outlook, especially when they are undergoing cancer treatment. A positive attitude can make a major difference. Everything that occurs in the body, even illness, can ultimately be controlled by the brain. If you tell yourself that you are not sick, that you are in good health, that you will beat any illness that comes, you will find that you are in overall better health.

Positive affirmations are a good resource for self-improvement. They are not magic spells. They are a psychological exercise designed to improve your health, wealth, and happiness.

All of these tips help you create a positive law of attraction in your life. It should really just be called the law of vibration because we attract to ourselves what we are in vibration with. Let me just give you a good video by Bob Proctor that explains it better than I can.